How do I access the Mamo Pay for Business dashboard?


There are three ways you could access your Mamo Pay for Business dashboard:

A) From the welcome email that is sent to you at the time of your onboarding.

B) From the Mamo Pay for Business get started page.


C) Directly from here.

You have two login options to access your dashboard:

A) Login with your Gmail account or any other email address that you've registered your Mamo Pay for Business account with.

  • From the dashboard login page, log in by selecting Continue with Google to log in with your registered Gmail address or Login with email to access your dashboard with any other registered email address from the.

B) Login with your registered phone number.

  1. Enter your registered phone number
  2. You'll receive a six-digit authentication code on the same phone number
  3. Enter the code, select Verify and login
  4. Enter a password you'd like to use for the account and click Reset password and login
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