How does Mamo Disburse work?


Mamo Disburse enables you to pay your vendors, employees, suppliers, and other businesses directly from your Mamo Pay for Business dashboard using your balance. You can settle the above business transactions by making payments to the other party’s bank account or their Mamo pay wallet. 

It’s important to note that disbursements can only be processed if you have enough balance on your dashboard to cover them.

You’ll have to be subscribed to the Mamo Pay for Business Premium plan to use Mamo Disburse. You can upload your disbursement file from your dashboard (see steps below) to initiate the disbursement process. This file will contain the information of the recipient who would be the beneficiary of the disbursement. You can include more than one recipient in your disbursement file.

Here’s a sample of what your disbursement file would look like.

Follow these steps to create a disbursement:

  1. Log into your dashboard and select Disbursement on the left panel.


  2. Click on Create disbursement and upload your file (We support files in the following formats: CSV and xlsx).


Remember to review the disbursement checklist and the information that needs to be included in your disbursement file before uploading it. 

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